New Partnerships Forming

Our vision for our company continues to grow. We continue to partner with small painting companies whose owners want to grow. We connect with the owners and help them to lay out a plan for growth. We are very much like a franchise. However, instead of approaching it like a typical franchise like Certapro, WOW1, and Fresh Coat, we want to give it a little more personal feel. This means that when we partner with these owners, we do not ask them to give a huge sum of money up front. We allow them to connect to our companies and to pay as they go.

What we do is that we have structured our system in such a way that we can work with the owner and hit the ground running. We offer a proven system that will work from the very beginning. We fly out to your location. We spend a week to two weeks with you. During that time, we set up leads. We hire people to go door to door to hand out flyers. We also make contact with local businesses in the area. By the end of our stay, we normally have a stack of leads.

From here, we connect you with subcontractors to help you begin painting. This is apart of our process because we believe that by connecting you to subcontractors, we better enable you to grow your business.

We have had countless success from different painting owners. We are now up to 12 painting companies who have joined our group. We are looking to add 6 more painting companies until we cap out. We want to stay within the 18 sites painting company model. Recently, we were able to finalize our latest painting company. They are Overland Park KS painters. We are so excited that they can join us and we look forward to growing their business in the Kansas City area. If you are needing any help with painters, check out all of our locations to see if we might be able to help.